Simple, but new: Plasma Bookmarks menu widget

Having recently changed to the 4th edition of the software suite from KDE, I miss some features/applets I got used to in the 3rd edition and I wonder why noone has taken on porting these: e.g. the Global/Mac Menu applet and the Bookmarks applet.

About the state of the Global/Mac Menu I had written some months ago already, not much has changed AFAIK, but I might do an up-date on the state soon.

The Bookmarks applet can be faked by configuring the Classic K-Menu applet a little. But I didn’t like that the tooltip still says “Classic K-Menu”, and one also can not invoke the bookmarks editor from it. So hands on and there it is, my first own plasmoid^WPlasma widget: Bookmarks. Shows on click on the icon a menu of the user’s global bookmarks and invokes a browser on the selected one. Also offers to invoke the bookmarks editor in the context menu. So all like the Kicker applet. More to come by the time, like setting the start menu to a certain subfolder of the bookmarks tree. Or adding the url in the currently focussed window as a bookmark. Patches welcome 🙂 I hope this Plasma widget can make it into the SC 4.5.

Other applets I miss are some I already had written myself in the KDE 3 version, so I cannot moan nobody ported them: the Session Applet and the Khalkhi applet plus Khalkhi Cards server. Oh, if there was only more free time. Guess this will not change so soon.

To build the bookmarks applet yourself do:
svn co svn:// -N
svn up plasma/applets -N
svn up plasma/applets/bookmarks
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ../plasma
(sudo if needed) make install

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