kdessh now in tags/unmaintained/4

Given that it is broken, without a maintainer, does not really do more than ssh with X11-forwarding, is not integrated with KWallet and ssh-agent, and seems not to be missed kdessh has been moved to tags/unmaintained/4, and will no longer be part of kdeutils resp. the KDE SC, beginning with version 4.4.

As running X11 programs on remote computers might still be nice to have, e.g. by adding a menuentry with a proper command line for an often run program only available on this certain system (think students accessing some university equipment from home), some replacement including either libssh or KDE Platform integration of ssh-add/ssh-agent will be still welcome. So if you have to offer something, get in contact in time for the SC 4.5 development!

Plasma Bookmarks widget now with custom base folders

For the Bookmarks widget for Plasma you can now select which folder to use as base menu:

So you can set up a few Bookmarks widgets for your most needed groups of bookmarks. In a row on a panel, or for your different activities, or whatever you want to do.

Also will the tooltip of the Bookmarks widget be set to the name, the icon and the description of the folder. And even better, this data will be automatically updated if you change any of these in the global bookmark editor, like fixing a typo. Even in the settings dialog above the folder data will be updated. Thanks to the nice KBookmark* classes in kdelibs this all was quickly added.

For compile instructions see the link at the begin. Compiles also against KDE DP 4.3.

BTW: If you live in or around Dresden in Germany and want to have some fun and gather some experience running the Linux-Info-Tag Dresden autumn of next year, now is your time to get up and in contact!

kdessh, have you been using it?

While kdessh has been part of the KDE Software Collection since many releases, in the port to the KDE 4 Platform it has been broken and stayed so until now (if connecting to systems with only the KDE 4 platform). But obviously nobody has used it, because noone has ever reported this. Or have you just been lazy? 🙂

As kdessh hasn’t had a dedicated maintainer for many years and just gets the random maintainance usual to code in KDE’s software repository, it is now close to being kicked out of the module kdeutils to tags/unmaintained/4, before the final SC 4.4 release. Perhaps it can be fixed in time but it needs someone interested in it to do so.

So if you have been using it and would be missing it: get in contact!

Update: For this just bypassing this blog and have no clue what kdessh is for, here a short description from kdessh’s original author when asked about it some time ago:

kdessh is the remote equivalent of kdesu. It allows you to run a KDE
application on a remote host, potentially under a different UID,
without hassle. It takes care of things like setting up X cookies, ICE
cookies, DCOP (is that still used?) and $DISPLAY.

I am not sure how much this is used. It has limited use for a single
desktop use case but could be useful in bigger organisations where
you’d like to run applications remotely.

So these days with ssh doing X11forwarding and with ssh-agents/-add the purpose of kdessh can be questioned. But a proper integration with the KDE platform (e.g. KWallet) is still to be done.

Simple, but new: Plasma Bookmarks menu widget

Having recently changed to the 4th edition of the software suite from KDE, I miss some features/applets I got used to in the 3rd edition and I wonder why noone has taken on porting these: e.g. the Global/Mac Menu applet and the Bookmarks applet.

About the state of the Global/Mac Menu I had written some months ago already, not much has changed AFAIK, but I might do an up-date on the state soon.

The Bookmarks applet can be faked by configuring the Classic K-Menu applet a little. But I didn’t like that the tooltip still says “Classic K-Menu”, and one also can not invoke the bookmarks editor from it. So hands on and there it is, my first own plasmoid^WPlasma widget: Bookmarks. Shows on click on the icon a menu of the user’s global bookmarks and invokes a browser on the selected one. Also offers to invoke the bookmarks editor in the context menu. So all like the Kicker applet. More to come by the time, like setting the start menu to a certain subfolder of the bookmarks tree. Or adding the url in the currently focussed window as a bookmark. Patches welcome 🙂 I hope this Plasma widget can make it into the SC 4.5.

Other applets I miss are some I already had written myself in the KDE 3 version, so I cannot moan nobody ported them: the Session Applet and the Khalkhi applet plus Khalkhi Cards server. Oh, if there was only more free time. Guess this will not change so soon.

To build the bookmarks applet yourself do:
svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/playground/base/plasma -N
svn up plasma/applets -N
svn up plasma/applets/bookmarks
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ../plasma
(sudo if needed) make install

Changing environment…

Real Winter now here, frosty and full of snow. Always fascinated how the snow cover can give the landscape such a different atmosphere, with that special light by day and night. I like it 🙂 Well, sitting in a warm room and not having large distances to go by day.

It is more than a month ago that I finally switched to the 4th edition from KDE, after having stayed with 3.5 as long as possible (because it worked for me and I didn’t want to break a working system, besides having to switch to Firefox more and more).
And I really like what I see. It’s not yet up to 3.5 for me (hey, you always measure to from where you come from) and parts are crashing far too often (4.3.4), but the potential is visible everywhere and things are rapidly advancing!

Oxygen style and icons look really, really brilliant. And having real shadows with KWin (and XRender, at least) is a pleasure for me, too. KHTML is almost always sufficient again for current websites, no need for good-integration-lacking Firefox, nice. KDevelop, while still in the Betas, is amazing, really amazing. And lot’s of small and large improvements in many other programs.

Plasma’s Activities and Nepomuk are yet for me to be explored what I can do better with them, so no comment on them. But at least Plasma enabled me to almost rebuild the Kicker setup I had and am used to, which does me a great favour already, good work 🙂

The screenshot gives a view I never have (due to many windows fullscreen on all virtual desktops). The bar on the left side is set to auto-hide. On the right side I would like to have an implementation of Sleek, still waiting to be done. The Timeline applet in playground could be a start.