New in Okteta: Splitted Views

Konqueror can do it. Kate can do it. KDevelop can do it.
And possibly others, too. So, Okteta should not stand back and also be able to split a view and have two or more of them at the same or multiple documents. Can be useful in times. And afterall, the Okteta library can do MVC since some years (back then had classes named KHexEdit, even if hasn’t been used by and never shared anything with the program named KHexEdit, besides living in a subdir of it).

Sadly, all programs have their own implementation, which are also to a certain degree coupled with the rest of the program or the framework it is built on. So there is now another (draft of an) implementation, again coupled to a framework 😉 but this time to one with ambitions for more: the MultiViewAreas (working title) in Kasten.

While there are some glitches left most of the basic stuff is working, one can split views vertically and horizontically, here with the same approach like Sublime/KDevelop has:
Splitted View Areas in Okteta, thanks to Kasten

See how on splitting also the settings are copied to the new view. Even better, it is tried to set the visible part in the new view aligned to the one in the old one, so it appears as if just the splitter and the new tabbar cut into the old view, and the user must not research the parts she has seen before.
(Tried as in: Currently broken for the use in Okteta, as some ensureCursorVisible() in the bytearray view widget moves the visible section around on the resizing after the split, workaround pending…)

The Kasten::MultiViewAreas is just another implementation of Kasten::AbstractGroupedViews, though hard coded for use in Kasten::ShellWindow temporarily. An alternative implementation of a multi view areas setup for a design like Kate has (no tabs, statusbar per view) will be the next to be done, so a developer using Kasten has some choice.

One more step on a long way yet for Kasten… But one less to be done 🙂