Last release of Khalkhi?

It all looked so promising and prospering, but then real life came in between and has stalled my plans with Khalkhi (say [χalχi]), both for KDE 3.5.7 and KDE 4. So I had to cancel all coding and the talk at aKademy and feel sad for this. Oh life, you suck. A little.

The last two weeks I managed to grep some time and tried to keep up with KDE development again, doing some little things. Like polishing the header includes of the KHexEdit lib and kpart, after that renaming the part to Okteta. Played a little with the design of the Okteta program still developed out of KDE’s repository. And today declared the release candidates from march of Khalkhi for KDE 3 to be final, as there were no bug reports in the meantime. Next will be to improve the API documentation of the KHexEdit interfaces in kdelibs which is pretty much hidden in the docs right now.

Really little things, but better than none πŸ™‚ No idea, how often I will be able to do this, though.

Go and get the tarballs of Khalkhi at

I am still interested in how the event notification system of the applet works for you. Thanks for any report! πŸ™‚