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Fine days for C++ and Qt coders, well, the experienced ones:

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Please email Murray if you are looking for payed work and can show some public involvement. He likes having URIs for blogs, ohloh, git/svn, mailing lists, etc, to see your personal sense of code quality and your ability to communicate. We ideally need people who can work in Germany, probably moving to Berlin.
(We do GTK+, gtkmm, and Qt development, and we like really knowing them all and more. These days Maemo/Meego developers need a wide range of experience.)

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Cagibi 0.1.1 released; network:/ kio-slave freezes kded in 4.5.0

Version 0.1.1 of Cagibi
Release often and early! Hadn’t done so with Cagibi, the experimental cache/proxy system for SSDP, for a while, as I was only experimenting. But with the upcoming 4.5.0 release of KDE’s fine products (the platform, the workspaces and the apps), I rushed 0.1.0 as a first version which was basically working, to be used by the network:/ kio-slave (included in the runtime part of KDE’s platform). Well, basically working in my test environment. But not for the first brave packager who gave it a try, ouch.

So time for version 0.1.1 of Cagibi!
New in this version is basically only the fix for the D-Bus service description file, which now points to the right location of the daemon executable.
There is now also an initial pkg-config file, but it seems pkg-config is just for libs, not D-Bus-only services.

The 0.1.1 tarball can be downloaded from stable/cagibi at the KDE ftp server (please consider using one of the mirrors).

network:/ kio-slave freezes kded of KDE’s platform 4.5.0
But there was more, more bad news: the network:/ kio-slave will freeze kded, a central daemon of KDE’s platform, without and with Cagibi. This bug only got discovered during the creation of the platform packages for 4.5.0, so the fix will be only included in 4.5.1, unless your packager/distribution backports it.

Workaround until 4.5.1
Yet there is a workaround for you if you don’t mind some config file editing. Open the file `kde4-config --prefix`/share/kde4/services/kded/networkwatcher.desktop in your text editor and make this changes:

# This line needs to be added
# This line needs to be commented

This will make kded load the module networkwatcher already at the start, so the deadlock caused by the on-demand loading can be circumvented.

Now, still with KDE’s platform 4.5.0, this workaround and Cagibi 0.1.1 you must make sure that the Cagibi daemon is already running before kded (and the networkwatcher) starts, if you want to also have UPnP devices/services listed, as delivered from Cagibi. So e.g. hack the startkde script to start cagibid in the background pretty early.
Best please just wait for the 4.5.1 version of KDE’s platform and Cagibi 0.1.1 to be available as packages.

UPnP support also for EFL
In related notes I just saw that still alive’n’kicking Enlightenment (rumored to now be used by Samsung for their mobile devices’ platform Bada, well, looks like) now also has a library to wrap around UPnP, named Eupnp. Another candidate to make use of Cagibi as central SSDP cache/proxy daemon 🙂