Fake addressbook

So far my amount of code/day @ aKademy is pretty lame. Too many interesting talks and BoFs and ideas, no way to concentrate. A lot of knowledgeable people to listen to. The cold I got did not improve my mental situation.

But finally I managed to stay with the keyboard and got in hacking mode again. Started my first steps with the model/view variant of Qt4 and did my first own model, cool me 😉

Of course one around a list of persons/contacts:
First screenie of an organs manager

The nice thing is that the view on the right is the one reused from that organs framework, so I got the display and all the services for free. Just some
CardView = new OrganCardView( Splitter );
CardView->setOrgan( Model->organ(ProxyModel->mapToSource( Index )) );
and I was done.

Now back at thinking about the addressbook API of Akonadi…

Want easy lunch at aKademy?

Autumn is coming: meadow saffron are starting to bloom, first Xmas cookies are available in supermarkets, aKademy is less than two weeks away.

If you are at aKademy and want lunch to be a nobrainer for you, then please register yourself in the Food wiki. Now!

If enough are interested Marcus offered to see if he can prearrange something, so lunch would just be an easy pickup & eat and one can return quickly to the keyboard. No guaranty, but spend one minute now and perhaps get a lot of quarters back.

Thanks 🙂