Changing environment…

Real Winter now here, frosty and full of snow. Always fascinated how the snow cover can give the landscape such a different atmosphere, with that special light by day and night. I like it 🙂 Well, sitting in a warm room and not having large distances to go by day.

It is more than a month ago that I finally switched to the 4th edition from KDE, after having stayed with 3.5 as long as possible (because it worked for me and I didn’t want to break a working system, besides having to switch to Firefox more and more).
And I really like what I see. It’s not yet up to 3.5 for me (hey, you always measure to from where you come from) and parts are crashing far too often (4.3.4), but the potential is visible everywhere and things are rapidly advancing!

Oxygen style and icons look really, really brilliant. And having real shadows with KWin (and XRender, at least) is a pleasure for me, too. KHTML is almost always sufficient again for current websites, no need for good-integration-lacking Firefox, nice. KDevelop, while still in the Betas, is amazing, really amazing. And lot’s of small and large improvements in many other programs.

Plasma’s Activities and Nepomuk are yet for me to be explored what I can do better with them, so no comment on them. But at least Plasma enabled me to almost rebuild the Kicker setup I had and am used to, which does me a great favour already, good work 🙂

The screenshot gives a view I never have (due to many windows fullscreen on all virtual desktops). The bar on the left side is set to auto-hide. On the right side I would like to have an implementation of Sleek, still waiting to be done. The Timeline applet in playground could be a start.


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