GSoC ideas I dream somebody would do…

While commenting on one of the application drafts to work on UPnP (MediaServer) support for Amarok I wondered why this proposal is mainly about support for Amarok and not the whole of KDE Platform based programs, especially as the solution is considered to be done basically as a kio-slave. To be honest, I don’t use Amarok (because I only seldomly listen to music, rather make myself some… uhm, noise), but still I would like to be able to access the content on UPnP MediaServer devices from Dragon Player, Kaffeine or Gwenview. And Okteta 😉
Same is true for other protocols only Amarok supports. Why no DAAP (from a Firefly Media Server of course) access from Kaffeine, too? Well, there once (KDE3) was a DAAP kio-slave which, besides not being ported, seems to have been dropped due to the latest, unknown protocol version (this proprietary restrict system called iTunes should not be supported anyway). But the simple list-stat-get kio-slaves have the problem that they do not expose all of the data which is interesting to Amarok. So the Amarok hackers had to invent their own abstraction layer for the media collections you can handle in Amarok.

Collections, filtering, tagging, merging content from different sources… isn’t there some dedicated general system for that? I think there is, you guess which I mean.

So: Couldn’t someone please go and try to port the media access layer from Amarok to Akonadi/Nepomuk/Kio in a GSoC project? And if she is done also give the media access layer from Digikam the same treatment?

Why shouldn’t the envisioned Plasma Media Center also use the same engine/platform like the “plain” programs do? Currently it looks they are just going to repeat some of the work others have done before. And Picasa galleries, Youtube, Flickr, etc., would be so nice to have transparent access to that content in all KDE Platform based programs, wouldn’t it?

Just imagine showing your photos from the last Hacksprint tagged Sleep as a slide show directly from the flickr storage system in Gwenview. Or Digikam if you like. Or your own custom-made presentation program which you quickly did because you just needed to concentrate on the UI, as the elaborated storage and query system is already provided with Akonadi/Nepomuk/Kio.

Oh, just dreaming… wait, am I still sitting in front of the computer? Not laying in the bed? I should be doing that. If only because it is dreaming time…

Meet KDE in Chemnitz this WE, at the CLT

Bad weather announced for the week-end, this means perfect conditions this year to go to the Chemitzer Linux-Tage 2010, the great Free Software meeting in Saxony (Germany) (here, zoom in), no bad feeling for staying inside. Stefan Majewsky (of Palapeli fame) and Felix Lemke will be booth-babeing all week-end long to showcase all the KDE software. And Cornelius Schumacher, head of the KDE e.V., will do the keynote, with a look-out on the future of the KDE workspaces.
But the CLT are not a KDE-only event, just have a look at the impressive plan of lectures or the list of exhibitors.

I will be there on Saturday, having the pleasure to share some KAddressbook’s author‘s car for the transition from/to Dresden. Good time to talk some more about my plans with the on-going resurrection of Khalkhi 🙂