KDESDK module planning the move to git

So while quite some KDE modules have pioneered the move/migration from subversion to git as SCM, others modules have been resisting that move, for various reasons. Just, seeing the pioneers to settle successfully and to have a better life, the home-stayers get jealous and start to plan to follow in the land of better living. After all, the road and the traps to avoid are known now.

And so does now the KDESDK module. There is a page on the Community wiki as central place to coordinate things for the migration, go there if you are interested to see what is happening and how.

All known maintainers of things in KDESDK have been tried to reach. If you feel responsible for something in the module and were left out, please act now and join the new mailinglist for kdesdk. Anyone else interested is of course also invited to join 🙂

The unmaintained things in KDESDK have been removed already (kspy, GUI for kunittest, scheck), no need to migrate that (for now, can be done later if picked up).

Comments on this post are disabled. If you want to comment, please simply subscribe to the mailinglist for kdesdk and join the discussion there, so it’s in one place!

Maintainer wanted: port the “scheck” style to Qt4/KDE4

In KDE3 times the “scheck” style from kdesdk/scheck could be used by developers and testers to “highlight accel and style guide conflicts”, like this (from the README):

  • Orange shows accel conflicts.
  • Green proposed accels.
  • Dotted red lines show nested groupboxes (not prohibited, but not favored 🙂 ).
  • Potential style guide violations are marked with yellow, likely ones with red.
  • Missing colons are drawn with two small red squares.
  • Errors in window titles are marked with “foo|b|ar”.
  • Violet background show untranslated string.

Just, the scheck style has never been completely ported to Qt4/KDE4! Since the begin of the KDE4 era it has stayed in kdesdk but excluded from any build. And now in the preparation of the migration of kdesdk module to git-based repositories any unported submodules will be moved to tags/unmaintained/4, already next sunday, May 20th.

So take a look at the current sources (Link updated to new location in tags/unmaintained/4) and consider giving it some Qt4/KDE4 love 🙂

If you are interested, please subscribe to the new mailinglist for kdesdk.