Open now: Web agency of Okteta

During the recent weeks the module kdeutils, containing the KDE Utilities, has got a website at

Okteta, part of the KDE Utilities, has got its share there at

So if you are interested in Okteta and want to know about the
features, to look at the FAQ, to read the documentation, to find your way into development, or to get in contact with the community, you now have a place to go to.

Open 24/7/365. You are welcome 🙂

Final polishing of Okteta for it’s first release

If all goes well Okteta will have it’s first real release ever this month, together with KDE 4.1.0. Exciting times.

Exciting because…

… I managed to make it happen. Yeah. Success.
… Okteta is going to fill the gap KHexEdit left. Quite a big gap, as I can guess from the search terms leading to my blog. I hope Okteta can fill large parts of that gap and meet most people’s expectations about what a simple hex editor should work like. There sure will be some disappointed that they will not find certain special features of KHexEdit, I hope they understand how development of Free Software works. 🙂
… the code has not yet received bigger real life usage tests. Large parts are covered by extensive unit tests, but only parts. And in the last days I did find some new bugs triggering data loss, when I had been thinking for some time they had been all found, oh dear. Fixed they are again, but I now understand completely how you feel to word things like this in the GPL:

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

Other than that, I am really satisfied with the state of Okteta. I managed to do all features I wanted to do, also some I just hoped to do. And for a 0.1 version, Okteta is already quite feature-rich and should serve me and others in a lot of cases well.

The last days I concentrated on fixing the last big flaws in the UI:
All processes which can take some time, like I/O operations, printing or searching, no longer block the refreshing of the UI, additionally also a busy mouse cursor is shown, like expected.
Another flaw were four hardcoded colors for the four different types of bytes I currently use. They resulted in unreadable views especially with dark color schemes. No more now, using KColorScheme and assigning one of the certain roles to each type of bytes, also in selections, so the colors of the current color schemes are used:

There are still a number of minor glitches left, but I think now: Let the release come 🙂

Oh, and BTW:
I am going to Akademy