Personality, not underwritten

A lot of the helper variables in Okteta are named byte. No problem, as this is no keyword in C++. Instead the name for the type representing a single byte, that is eight bits today, is char (are there any current machines, where this isn’t true?). So all byte arrays are treated as arrays of char,
following QByteArray, which also operates on char.

When implementing a rotation filter I used byte >> width. And wondered why this didn’t yield the expected results. Looking at them more closely (of course one can switch to the display of the binary values in Okteta) it triggered that what I see is an arithmetic right shift (which happily adds a leading 1 again, if the unshifted byte had there one, to keep it a negative value. Sure, I knew about this before. But it’s nothing that I have present in my mind. Why should it be?

After all… what do names mean? What should I think of, if I hear “unsigned character”?

Oh, those legacy. I want ++++C, sometime.

Filter tool of course now also dockable, rejoice about another screenshot:
Filter tool for Okteta available

Adding tools to Okteta…

It is still a long way to go before Okteta will be even in Beta status. Always just 10 % missing šŸ˜‰
But things are really progressing. Recently I have focussed on tools, reimplementing some of those in KHexEdit in first rough versions, to have something to play with. Yet I did not find a satisfying pattern to copy over to the Kakao framework. Will see. Thus also no infrastructure for tool plugins yet.

Okteta should be ready for KDE 4.1 in a first usable state equally to good old KHexEdit. It will, once I did the Undo-Redo-Framework. Just need the time to do a working approach with a piecetable system.

A new screenshot shows some changes to the UI finally, as most of the tool views are docked (might be all some time):
Okteta tools comingĀ inā€¦