Cleanup your tests, too

Heard a talk about Test-driven development the other week. To get acknowlegded what I have read here and there. But learnt something new: Once the code is stable, one should cleanup the tests, too. And document them like the real code.

Seems useful.

But now I wait for someone who demands that the tests should be also tested. And then those tests. And those. And …, hm, there is something in it. Perhaps tests can be woven such that they give each other the test feedback?

Hello world!

Welcome to my experiments with blogging. Having got in contact with the internet in 1995, then setting up some webpages, sending some posts on the usenet and “talk”ing cross the world, the only thing I have been staying with for the time following was doing email and browsing other’s websites, and that ever increasing. The last three years that has been changing again, I got friends with the wiki concept very quickly, and only recently I started chatting (Jabber), yeah 😉 Never been on an irc server, though. VoIP is something I want to get into very soon. So far for my history in communication on connected digital systems.

I want to use blogging to formulate some thoughts and ideas about developing systems, mostly in software. To have me thinking a little more about it, and perhaps to get some reflections from others than my ego 🙂 As I practise development a little by doing some coding for KDE this blog will also be used to present some projects I work at and their state. And perhaps even some personal things, if I feel the need to…