KMarkdownWebView 0.2.0

KMarkdownWebView 0.2.0 has been released.

Example: KMarkdownWebView KParts plugin and KMarkdownWebView KIO thumbnail generator plugin used by Krusader

The KMarkdownWebView software is for the rendered display of Markdown documents, using web technologies (native wrapper around a webpage with a JavaScript library which creates HTML from the plain text handed in).
The software contains

  • a KParts plugin for rendered display of Markdown files, which enables KParts-using applications (like the archiving tool Ark or the file manager Krusader) to show Markdown files in the target format.
  • a Markdown file KIO thumbnail generator plugin, which allows KIO-powered file managers & dialogs to show thumbnails and previews of files in Markdown format in the target format (currently only available when building against QtWebKit)

The KMarkdownWebView KParts plugin is also prepared for best experience with the KTextEditor Document Preview plugin for KTextEditor-based applications like the editor Kate and IDE KDevelop.

KMarkdownWebView can be built both with QtWebEngine (preferred by the build system) and QtWebKit. Pass -DUSE_QTWEBKIT=TRUE to CMake to enforce the use of QtWebKit.

Download from:

sha256: c5a73c02bd2761d1786b080148e465ef69e4686d17e6adfc047350f36e7f6b16 kmarkdownwebview-0.2.0.tar.xz

Signed with my new PGP key
E191 FD5B E6F4 6870 F09E 82B2 024E 7FB4 3D01 5474
Friedrich W. H. Kossebau

Changes since 0.1.0

  • Markdown KIO thumbnail generator plugin added (only with QtWebKit)
  • KParts plugin: offers actions “Select All” and “Copy Text” in more places
  • KParts plugin: fixed inverted logic on text selection in context menu with QtWebEngine
  • KParts plugin: fixed install location of metadata desktop file

13 thoughts on “KMarkdownWebView 0.2.0

    • Sorry, forgot to reply to the same question before, as my investigation was without result:
      The CSS defines “font-family: Georgia, Palatino, serif;”, but as I have neither Georgia or Palatino installed, it would be any serif one. As I do not know this font myself, I quickly scanned over all the fonts installed (using the K as reference) but could not find any match. So I have no idea which font QtWebKit used here as substitution, QtWebKit node inspector also just showed the CSS value.
      Any idea how to query the font used?

    • Nope, it’s just the “Honeycomb” color theme from the standard color themes, window/widget style theme is Breeze (just some random setting for the screenshot for a different look, not my work settings).

    • Not sure how you mean this, but the answer is “No” for most possible meanings.

      This software is on the same level as Okular: it reads a file and displays/renders it.
      Just where Okular supports multiple formats (by plugins, including one for Markdown), this software supports only that one format, Markdown. Both Okular and KMarkdownWebView provide a KParts plugin to other software that support KParts.

      Such software is the previewer for Krusader, as seen in the screenshot. Depending on your settings which embedding plugin to use (see Plasma System Settings > Applications > File Associations > text/markdown > Embedding), it will use either the Okular KParts plugin or the KMarkdownWebView KParts plugin.

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