Your input, please: naming of action icons (tables, vectorpaths, animation, text, …)

Developing an application where you use or need icons for actions around tables, vectorpaths, animations, text formatting? Looking forward to use Breeze-styled icons, shared with other applications? Then please read on, this is especially for you:

The Breeze iconset currently gets further icons, as needed by the different Calligra apps and plugins. And that are many icons.

Given these icons are then in the public namespace (without any Calligra-specific prefix) and ideally also can be reused by any apps, we need to ensure there are no icon name collisions and also that semantics in the naming are properly done. The XDG Icon Naming Specification currently is leaving a lot of room and surely one day can also get more feedback by the names we start to use here.

Please have a look at the overview of proposed icon names:
(shows also old custom icons used in Calligra and old custom names).

And then please tell (e.g. by commenting on this post or by replying to the email on ML kde-devel ) where you see chances for improvements. The quicker you comment, the better, because this is WIP and might soon create facts.

While there are naming proposals already for most icons, there are a few in need for any naming proposal at all. So listing them here explicitely once again (see details in the overview page):

  • borderpainter
  • black
  • highlight
  • special_paste

Andreas from the VDG has already started to do and commit first such icons in Breeze style to the repo of Breeze icons, see links below to get an idea what is coming up.
There have been done already quite some Breeze-style icons for LibreOffice. Just, LibreOffice for legacy reason has their own internal icon naming and resource system, so the Breeze icons as created for LibreOffice are not in the normal Breeze iconset and not following the XDG Icon Naming Specification. But by that there is some iconic language existing and SVG code to reuse. Still, this is a big amount of work to be done, so we Calligra developers are very happy that Andreas has started to tackle this!

Initial commits:
Calligra escape directions
Calligra connection line types
Calligra path editing related icons
Calligra Borders for multiple cells icons
Adde dmissing action icons to icons-dark

PS: Anyone a good idea how to embed external SVG files in Community Wiki pages? Using link as plain text only works with PNG files (and once the url ends with “.png”), but not SVG ones.


11 thoughts on “Your input, please: naming of action icons (tables, vectorpaths, animation, text, …)

  1. Well let’s give it a try:

    borderpainter -> format-border-line-style
    black -> transition-screen-to-blank // analogous transition-screen-to-colour–name. Might also want to use ‘fade’ if that applies, e.g. fade-to-blank/fade-to-black.
    highlight -> highlight-pointer-dot (it mimics a laser pointer, right?)

    special_paste needs an example to make sense of. “Paste”-but-with-custom configuring is not exactly… descriptive of what it is used *for*.

    • Thanks, Johan! Definitely good to have more people poking this. Even if not instantly hitting a solution, we narrow it.
      “format-border-line-style” – could also be understood to be for an action that opens a dialog and misses the aspect that here the mouse turns into a kind of painting device, which can be used to “paint” any clicked border with the current style as defined in some settings next to where the icon is used. So IMHO not perfect yet.
      “transition-screen-to-blank” – this is not about a transition between slides, but about the action where the presenter wants to hide the current presentation for a while, kind of turn off it for a while (seems not clear, so I changed the comment on that icon a little). So IMHO not matching.
      “highlight-pointer-dot” – not like a laser pointer, but like a spot. though a laser pointer-like variant as future feature could be also nice, so the naming pattern should prepare such an action. “highlight-pointer-*” could work with me, and “*-spot” (and “*-dot”) would work as specialisation. I like your proposal 🙂

      Example for “special_paste”: when triggering the action where the icon is used with, a config dialog will pop-up and enable to define how the clipboard content is inserted. In contrast to inserting it with default behaviour as with normal Paste action.
      E.g. with a spreadsheet one could configure in the dialog if just the content, just the format, just the comment or a combination should be pasted, and if existing values in the selected cells should be overwritten or added/multiplied/… with the inserted values.

      • So borderpainter isn’t a painter: it is like that “format to style as copied from this other thing” action called “format style” or “style painter”, that you get with MS Office, but specialised for borders. So it should probably be: format-border-apply-current-style (or -selected-style or just format-border-apply-style) or or format-border-copy-current-style (or: -selected-style, or just format-border-copy-style).

        Although the more logical thing from the user perspective is to have a single format-apply-style or format-copy-style action that works on anything but knows what style settings to copy/apply based on context: i.e.: automatically limits itself to border settings on borders, image formatting on images, paragraph formatting on paragraphs, heading styles on headers, etc. etc..

        The pointer thing seems basically solved right now, highlight-pointer-* works.

        The special paste should probably be paste-select-mime, paste-select-data-type, paste-as-data-type or paste-as-mime, or paste-custom-mode or something to that effect, then?

        That just leaves the black one. Since that’s basically about pausing & resuming the slideshow: what about pause-slides-to-black pause-slides-to-white, etc.? Or use hide- instead of pause, or toggle- or switch-

      • “format-border-apply-current-style” might work, but not to happy with “apply” and “current” yet, need to think more about it.

        Changing/improving the UI/UX for that action might make sense, but that is true for other things as well. At this point we have to concentrate on existing icons, otherwise we get lost. Even if that means working on icons that get dropped later on. But so is evolution/development 🙂

        For “special_paste”, in any case we should use “edit-paste-” as prefix, to match the exisiting name pattern. Hm, “-select-mime”, “-select-data-type”, “-as-data-type”, “-as-mime” are too specific IMHO and not covering everything. “-custom-mode” might work, perhaps just “-custom” even, as done in “mail-reply-custom” -> “edit-paste-custom” ?

        “pause” is a good idea, matching indeed the actual action, good one. Though thinking more it might not be perfect, as it misses the detail of blanking the screen. Because “pause” with other animated visual content usually means showing the current state while paused. Ah, which you propose to precise with “to-black”. Yes, could work, perhaps with “screen” for more precision -> “pause-to-black-screen”. The “slides” I would drop here, so the icon is more generic and could e.g. be used with a picture/photo presentation.

        Picking uo all those names where I am feeling well as current proposals on the wiki page now, good to have your input!

  2. Regarding your PS: Seems a patch for MediaWiki to allow this is under review, but still not merged :/ . It will be opt-in because of security implications (e.g. JS in SVGs), so KDE sysadmins will have activate it with $wgAllowExternalSVG.

    Until then, what they could do is allow the img tag with $wgAllowImageTag , which I think would allow external SVGs (with a little lengthier syntax ).

  3. Some more ideas: the escape-direction things are basically “connect-to-” constraints if you view it as connecting a line or a shape to another shape, right? E.g.:

    escape-direction-all -> connect-to-any-side
    escape-direction-up -> connect-to-top
    escape-direction-down -> connect-to-bottom
    escape-direction-left -> connect-to-left
    escape-direction-right -> connect-to-right
    escape-direction-vertical -> connect-to-top-bottom or connect-vertically
    escape-direction-horizontal -> connect-to-left-right or connect-horizontally

  4. Some more:

    artistictext-attach-path -> set-text-baseline-path set-custom-baseline
    artistictext-detach-path -> unset-text-baseline-path or unset-custom-baseline

    Or maybe use select-/deselect- instead of set-/unset-

    Also, this one might just be a tool for use during document review:

    tool_comment -> add-comment, edit-comment or add-review-note, edit-review-note

    About connectors: I think these are default ‘styles’ so the name should probably reflect it as a style property of the connector object:

    lines-connector -> connector-style-connected-lines
    curve-connector -> connector-style-curve
    standard-connector -> connector-style-right-angled (judging by the look) or connector-style-default (judging by the name)
    straight-connector -> connector-style-line

    • Something with “baseline” is good, agreed. “set”/”select” seems not typical with existing icon names though, might need some more pondering…

      “edit-comment” picked up, okay.

      And the connector icons are about the line style, yes, should indeed get names more like other styling action icons. Perhaps with prefix “format-connector-” and variants “-lines”, “-curve”, “-lines-orthogonal”, “straight”?

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