Like Braindump? Adopt it for the Qt5/KF5 port!

As you might know, Calligra now also started porting to Qt5/KF5. We are currently reaching the end of stage 1, where everything is readded to the build (“links and installs? done!”), with next stage then to fix anything that broke or regressed (see screenshots!1!).

Just, we also now see that noone in the current set of active Calligra developers has enough love left for Braindump, the notetaking and mindmapping application from the creativity and productivity suite Calligra.

So as it stands Braindump would be left behind during the porting phase and be discontinued, for now at least 😦


Braindump is a nice example for the flexibility of the Calligra architecture, where objects are implemented by so called “Shape” plugins, which then are available to any application supporting “Shape”s in general. The actual code of Braindump itself is centered around the concept of whiteboards with unlimited canvas, where one can drop all possible kind of objects (the “shapes”) and then note their relations. With automated saving in the background, no need for any “Save” button.

See this older video to get an idea of the possibilities:

Cyrille, who has developed Braindump, says:

“I am still interested in the application itself, but what it really needs is a better user interaction, and flake [name of the Shape system, ed.] is not flexible enough to provide it, and I don’t have the energy to make it flexible enough”.

He and the rest of the Calligra team will happily assist someone who ideally already uses Braindump and now would like to overtake the future development for the Qt5/KF5 based version, to enhance their workhorse. And the porting time is a good time to get to know the current system: for the first Qt5/KF5 based Calligra release, 3.0, we are concentrating on a pure port, so no new features or refactoring (ignore the exceptions 😉 ), only minimal changes. And envisions the options after the port/3.0: e.g. get Braindump to run on your Android or Sailfish OS tablet! Connect it to syncing servers like ownCloud! Or whatever would enhance your Braindump usage.
And all done while enjoying the synergy effects from the shared libs and plugins of the Calligra suite.

Your chance, now 🙂 Don’t hesitate too long, as Braindump will bitrot more and more, once the 3.0 release is done and the Calligra libs will see more refactoring.

Find us in the channel #calligra on, or join the mailing-list


4 thoughts on “Like Braindump? Adopt it for the Qt5/KF5 port!

  1. If you will do the development stuff for the tool, here my wisch: please have a look at basket ( aswell. it is awesome but has the same challenge as braindump (no developers). Maybe you can extend braindump with some basket features to help all people that are looking for a updated basket ersion 🙂

  2. Sorry I’m just a dentist and not an informatics expert.
    I didn’t even know Braindump had ever been anything more than a project done for fun. Was it really conceived for being a serious note taking program? It was never integrated in KDEPIM not replaced the obsolete Kjots which can’t even insert images nor sounds in notes and seems never will. And Basket, well, as the previous commenter has said, it’s abandoned, and never itegrated in KDEPIM/AKONADI either.

    I tested Braindump once and didn’t understand it; I didn’t really thought it was a finished product, a producto that an average note taking applications user could easily use, so I stuck with my far from optimal, but efficacious Evernote through Firefox, which also has a native application for Android and keeps all my notes synced.
    Perhaps I didn’t spent the necessary time to learn to use it, but I don’t think a note taking app should have a pronounced learn curve instead of behave as expected in this kind of applications, which are pretyy similar and easy to use: Evernote, Google Keep, Kjots (despite it’s deficiencies nobody can deny is easy to use and manage) even Tagspaces follows a somehow standard way despite it’s weird interface.

    Ok, I hope if some developers decides to “recycle” Braindump will take these considerations into account. Maybe then, users won’t first open it, try and test, see that don’t understand anything nor see an intuitive way to do the easy things they do in few seconds on other notes apps, and finally exit and uninstall it again.

    Good luck, and all the best wishes.

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