Name needed for single-doc-per-window Okteta variant?

Wuuuush – and DesktopSummit is over. What, already? I would like some more weeks of this kind! Although being slightly ill, I still enjoyed it as much as possible. A big “Thank you!” also from me to all the organizers, helpers and supporters!

While hearing and seeing and talking about a lot of interesting things, I also managed to use the time to push that simple hex editor named Okteta, or rather the component system named Kasten it is based on, a little further, so the difference between a so-called “Multiple document interface” (MDI) and a “Single document interface” (SDI) is almost only by the set of used components in the code. I am actually in the camp of the people disliking the MDI approach, as it can be considered a non-integrated workspace in a workspace, so pretty much broken. The SDI variant of Okteta provides all the tools and features of the MDI variant, just the tools Filesystem and Documents and the related entries in the menu have been removed/are not added.

But this poses a question:
Should this be just a difference in the settings? Or should this variant instead be shown as a different program, like users see Kate and KWrite as different programs?
For some reasons I guess these should be two different programs, but then I need a new name for the SDI variant 🙂 Or should the MDI version be renamed, e.g. to “Okteta Studio” or similar?
Please post/discuss proposals in the comments, or send me your idea by email (see About dialog of Okteta)!
Final code is not yet commited to the central repo, needs some cleanup/finishing and also depends on the decision above, so sorry, cannot yet be tried out (but then besides MDI vs. SDI there is also nothing else new to see yet).

During the Desktop Summit it was interesting to hear how many people actually already have made use of Okteta. Thank you, good to know Kasten code to work in real life 😛
I even was told feature requests on the hall ways. The one late on the last day was even easy to do, it was having a sane default count of bytes per line, which would be 16, without an adaption to the current view width. That was fixed by a single line addition and quickly tested and commited, so at least an Italian user will be more happy with 0.7.1 🙂


6 thoughts on “Name needed for single-doc-per-window Okteta variant?

  1. I think that if the only difference is mdi vs sdi then it should be a setting, if the sdi version has less advanced stuff (just like kwrite vs kate) then it needs a different app.
    It should say something like open new documents in new instance, or something like that (just as video players)

    • I agree, if the only difference is MDI vs SDI, it’s probably best to have it as an option. I guess the target audience for Okteta wouldn’t have any problem with something like “View > Multiple Document Interface Mode”.

  2. Quality over quantity, another application is bad idea.
    As mentioned before this should be an option.
    Also in KWrite (which only shares text editing part and some plugins with Kate but has different purpose, basic text editor vs development environment) should have option to be MDI).

  3. I kind of think the question is, does there actually exist any use case where MDI is required for a HEX editor? I can’t seem to think of any. Doing MDI for the sake of doing MDI is not one.

    My initial thought is simply drop MDI, it only makes sense for some special kinds of applications. A HEX editor does not sound like one of those special causes.

    And if there exist some real sane use case for MDI in a HEX editor, simply bury it somewhere in the menus and default to SDI.

  4. Shouldn’t you just be able to open the (new) file in a new tab or new window – like a browser?

    The tabs could be down the side or on top and frames could overlap like MDI.

    Avoid modes/settings
    Avoid extra buttons/menu items
    Avoid horizontal scrolling (for left-to-right/right-to-left writing direction cultures)
    Avoid incosistant layout: I do not want the ruler changing from 16 bytes to 15 bytes on an existing window/frame

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