KDevelop 4.1 arrived, features Okteta plugin

KDevelop is out in version 4.1, and better than ever! Thank you, great hackers of KDevelop, I would need to learn Emacs/Vim without you! 🙂

Among all the great features there is now also what had been basically done at the Kate-KDevelop sprint in Berlin this February, when streets were covered with thick ice and full of snow, a first integration of most of the Okteta components in KDevelop.

Activate the Okteta plugin, open any file as raw data simply by selecting “Open as Byte Array” in the context menu of all file listing sidebar tools, and enjoy the hex editing support directly in KDevelop:

Provided by the plugin is also the Structures tool (see also screenshot above). As of Okteta version 0.5 (part of KDE Applications 4.5) structures can now additionally be defined dynamically, using JavaScript. So if the old XML format was too restrictive for you, give it another try now. And think about sharing your results on kde-files.org as well!


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