Just listening to Spandau (Ballet), not going to

However it turned Thursday so quickly, it did, and so I had to leave again from the Kate-KDevelop sprint, which is continuing till Sunday. I am glad that I decided to go there. It learned a lot about the inner workings of KDevelop and Kate, both by querying the developers and listening to their discussions.
As planned I started a KDevelop plugin for embedding Okteta and got it pretty far with their help, so it might be completed and available once both KDevelop 4.0 and KDE SC 4.5 are released (mid-2010 perhaps). As the framework KDevPlatform/Sublime which KDevelop is built upon is quite elaborated, documented and stable I even had time to give another plugin a start which is supposed to manage UI strings (e.g. with a tool view like there is for classes or code-completion on entering of UI strings from a glossary formed out of the words, also help with the semantic markup or context tags). It’s only in a very early state and might progress only slowly, your cooperation is welcome, see for it in playground/devtools/kdevelop4-extra-plugins/uistrings.
In addition I learned how to make better use of all the tools already available in KDevelop. I have had been developing like in the bronze-age before 🙂
There was just nothing done for any cooperation of Kate and Okteta, except for the possibility of a discussion if some Okteta plugin could be used as the fallback view/editor for binary data files, instead of just displaying the data as far as possible in the text view like now. If Okteta perhaps moves to the kdesdk module, where Kate now resides, this discussion might be executed.

It was also nice to see a snowy Berlin, which I do not remember to have ever seen before despite many stays there (and KDEPIM developers perhaps should better not risk a snowball incident with Kate/KDevelop developers). And finally I also could give my laptop some time at it’s real destination, being on top of my lap. Seems I really have never before used it sitting in a couch chair. And surprisingly this works for many hours. But I also never ever before had been sitting with up to ten other people around a small table in a living room, all hacking away on their computers 😉

So once again thank you Milian for organizing this sprint, the Physics faculty of the FU Berlin and the KDE e.V. (and their supporters) for supporting it, and all the developers present for some nice and interesting days. Good food, good internet connection, good accomodation, nothing was missing and all well prepared. And thanks to Christoph (and ?) for GtingtheHNS from the bakery every morning, made a good start into the day.

Sprints are really a great time. I should just go to the next one, right tomorrow. Is there one? 😉

When my bus back arrived in Dresden, the driver turned the radio a little bit louder. What did I hear playing? Spandau Ballet. A funny little message from the lucky guys still staying at the Kate-KDevelop sprint and tonight going for some mini brewery in Berlin-Spandau. And we even shortly talked about the band when those staying were planning the evening 🙂


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