Bookmarks Widget for Plasma now part of kdeplasma-addons

The Bookmarks Widget for Plasma is now part of the kdeplasma-addons module, so it should be included in the KDE SC 4.5 (coming in summer 2010). It a pretty simple widget for now (thus version 0.1) which offers you quick access to your (Konqueror) bookmarks, using the plain-old-style menu-with-submenu, as can be seen here (yes, KDE is not a project, but a community, too lazy to update the example data):

You can also set another bookmarks submenu as base folder. Or start the bookmarks editor from the context menu.

More plasmoid UI alternatives, like a Kickoff-style menu navigation, yet to come.
Also hoping for a soonish movement of the bookmark system to Akonadi and Nepomuk, so integration of other bookmarks systems (delicious, Firefox, Chrome, whatever) is done at the right level. It won’t be done by this widget (code). Anybody interested to join this work?


10 thoughts on “Bookmarks Widget for Plasma now part of kdeplasma-addons

  1. Looks cool, but this “all is a widget” is problematic for people who do not use plasmoids. The apps seems to be lagging in features and all effort is being put in plasma.

    Anyway, nice work, thanks 😉

  2. @Iuri, you are wrong on this. The applications are seeing lots of development. Many of the plasma developers are new to KDE (in the sense that they did not come from KDE application development), so what we get is in addition to the applications. It is not being taken from them.

    Moreover, this is one of the plasma widgets which shows how the efforts at integrating different parts of KDE (plasma, akonadi, etc.) are paying of or going to pay off. With very few lines of code we get lots of functionality in places where it did not exist before.

    Finally, why would you not use plasmoids? In fact, I am rather sure you are using quite some of them. The start menu, the panel, the task manager, the system tray, the battery monitor, the clock(s), the device notifier, etc. all are plasmoids. Why would you use those and not a bookmark widget? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

  3. Seams like another nice simple little widget. Just one complaint, and I only bring it up because I see it all to often. PLEASE don’t use phrases like “summer 2010” It says nothing and confuses people. Summer of which hemisphere. It’s already summer 2010 here in the Southern Hemisphere and that makes it very ambiguous and also excludes us Southerners as you are obviously only talking to people north of the equator. “mid 2010” or “Q3 2010” would be a better way to say it IMHO.

  4. Hi ! Thanks for this widget ! I used it everytime and now I miss it a lot on KDE Neon 😥
    Since keditbookmarks have been port to kf5 and included, is there any chance to see this widget come back ? Not necessarily with new features but at least as it was ^^ Thanks for your work !

    • I miss it as well, but sadly am busy with other stuff for some time to come. The widget will need a complete rewrite from C++ to QML, so nothing to be done in an evening (for me at least 🙂 ). I saw some people on irc talking about having started on a rewrite, but did not track what they do. So all there is currently, from what I can tell, is hope that someone some day might work on it and bring the widget back to us, sorry.

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