Happy 2010, with and without Okteta!

Hope you also have had a good jump into the Year of the Linux Deskt^W Mobile… or… whatever, may it be enjoyful!

More smoke and noise than lights from fireworks there was to see on midnight, even though the place to watch (Marienbrücke in Dresden) was chosen with thoughts on wind direction and view, oh well. Still it was impressive, with reflections on the water of the river and the silhouette of the historic buildings. Like every year, hopefully it never gets boring. Well, that part might also be ensured, seeing how other people handle their fireworks… 😉 There was quite a number of ambulances having their standby position on the bridge, too, and soon after midnight they started to go one after the other…

Waking up today the world was once more turned into an innocent clean white, with no wind and the city silence of a holiday, like for a fresh start 🙂

A nice start into a New Year it is also if the first thing you read is a happy report about stuff you produced the last year, here Zecke’s blog about his success in Reverse engineering with Okteta.
Now, he and all others interested in this might even be more pleased with the new version 0.4 of Okteta coming with KDE SC 4.4. There the values in the Decoding table can now be also edited (besides the UTF-8 value, due to non-constant numbers of bytes, hopefully solved in the version after). And the bytes used by the type are now highlighted.
And better: There is a new tool named Structures, done by Alex Richardson, which enables you to decode and edit whole structures. It has been in development only since a few months, so while basically working it has some glitches, but we follow the release-often-and-early mantra, to get your feedback for guidance. See the screenshot for an inspection of a PNG file header:

More on this new tool, like creating and installing your own structure description, hopefully soon in another blog. Now on for a relaxing New Year’s day 🙂


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