Okteta: Fighting the crisis with productivity from generators

(And if it is just random data)

There has been some productivity-related productivity in Kasten and Okteta development the last days, as can be seen by commit logs like “added: factories to create generators” šŸ˜‰ :

Kasten, my WIP framework for composing programs, gained some AbstractModelDataGenerator class to serve as base class for data generating stuff. It also got a general Insert controller which plugs into the menu, offers all available data generators and has the chosen one generate its data (if parameterized after showing a config dialog) and then inserts it into the current document. And with the AbstractModelDataGenerator around, I extended the AbstractDocumentFactory to also create new documents from QMimeData and reworked the general New controller: it now not only offers to create an empty document, but also to create one prefilled with data from one of the data generators. Or by the data from the clipboard, which also serves QMimeData. And while I was at it, the shell now no longer rejects D’n’D data other than file urls to non-document areas (like next to tabs or the empty space on start) but passes it to the document factory to see if it can construct a new document from it, all by just a few lines of codes. Kasten may look bloated to some (including myself sometimes) but it has it’s value here and there šŸ™‚

To see if it is working Okteta, the KDE 4 hex editor, which is built on Kasten, has got some generators:
For one Okteta since the first release had some simple Insert pattern controller, which now got ported to a plain data generator plugin (+ config editor). Then two weeks ago I found myself for the x-th time in life in the need for data in the whole range of all bytes, from 0 to 255. So I had done a clone of the pattern controller and already added as a Insert sequence controller (which started the idea for these general data generators). Got ported to a plain generator plugin, too.

Another generator perhaps useful might be a random data generator. So now there is one. It is based on srand(time(0)) and rand(), which may be of different quality depending of the platform’s libc. If you instead want a certain algorithm, please contribute and send me some code for it filling a QByteArray, licensed like the rest of the file, I am happy to add some alternative RNG to select from šŸ™‚

Lots of TODOs and ideas coming with this, but works already. If you like screenshots, have a look:
Data generators for Okteta

And there has been even more productivity with regard to Okteta: First external contribution is coming with a new tool šŸ™‚ More on this soon…


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