Coherence/KDE sprint Day 2

Exactly one week already has passed since I arrived in Barcelona for the Coherence/KDE sprint, and almost four days since I left again, so before it is out-of-date here a short summary of Day 2 (see also Day 1 for some introduction):

Everyone continued hacking on his stuff, e.g. Bart on his kioslave for UPnP MediaCollections, to be used especially by Amarok, and me on the UPnP backend for the network:/ kioslave. Which also involved discussions with Frank about shaping the D-Bus API of Coherence to our needs a little. And how to merge best the UPnP device/service model and objects into the network classes model of the base library of the network:/ kioslave, along with the ones from DNSSD and Co. This merging needs more thoughts definitely.

Lunch was cared for by our host Edward Hervey from Collabora Multimedia leading us to another non-tourist restaurant with good food and local atmosphere.

Other stuff that day was done was demoing the things now working, like the Coherence plugin for the Spykee robot delivering pictures from its built-in webcam via UPnP. Or things that have been working for a while, like each one playing his favourite songs via UPnP on Frank’s computer, in a kind of battle style. Including controlling the volume from remote.

Zaheer, Konqui and me looking what Frank does that makes him wear the K-scarf this way
Zaheer, Konqui and me looking what Frank does that makes him wear the K-scarf this way

In some way Coherence is to UPnP what Avahi is to DNS-SD, a demon wrapping the specific system and making it accessible via D-Bus. Just that Coherence does a lot more, as UPnP is not only about discovery of services, but also of types of devices and the interfaces/services they implement and how to access them.

As the developers of Coherence are using GNOME-centric desktops the current desktop integration is basically done for GNOME programs, like Totem, Rhythmbox, and Nautilus.

Let’s hope KDE-Libs based programs can catch up to these 🙂 This was the very purpose of this sprint, and it gave a good foundation. It just left us with quite some work to do. Especially Bart might appreciate help with his kioslave, as he is short on time. So if you want Amarok to as well access other UPnP MediaCollections as well as export it’s own collection as such in the next time, get in contact with him.

I think I might be able to get the integration into the network:/ kioslave done in October (promises, what promises?). Surely there will be the need for feedback. So please stay tuned, more detailed info about approach and progress to follow…


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