Being Wow’ed by FLOSS, again

Lydia Pintscher* has written a nice summary about the results of this year’s Google Summer of Code for KDE. I think it’s really amazing what has been done. KDE 3 seems so simple and old compared to this.

Or is it just the Oxygen look which makes it look so elaborated? 😉

* I have heard some think there are too few women doing FLOSS stuff. Seems, at least by looking at this weekend’s blog posts on Planet KDE, KDE is doing well and seems a good place not only for small and large, young and old, but also female and male humans. Much better obviously than the BMX community at the BMX ground in my neighbourhood, where when I passed this evening the only two female humans were two mothers waiting while there small boys where doing their jumping. Perhaps they can learn from us? 😉


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