Polishing the tools for Okteta 0.4

While still avoiding to tackle the next big task for Okteta, supporting very large files, thanks to a strain in my right leg I have found some time to polish the tools a little.

Last night I worked on the input widgets for addresses/offsets and byte strings. Those enable the user to select one from several formats in which to do the input (auto detection still a TODO). While I wanted to make a widget similar to the one of the searchbar for Konqueror, with the current format to be selectable like the current engine in the left of the searchbar widget, I found this not easy to implement and the searchbar implementation not pleasing my needs (e.g. not focusable with keyboard, no method QComboBox::setEditedIcon() or similar). So I stayed with my old implementation where the format is selected in an external combobox, but which is now placed to the left of the input field and only shows an abbr. of the format type (“Hex”, “Dec”, …). The input field itself is a combobox which can and is used to store previous inputs (the popup still lacks a delegate to also show the corresponding format). These widgets are now used all over Okteta, just cmp. the screenshot below.

Already in trunk for some time are support in Kasten for inlined dialogs, with Okteta’s Goto dialog and the (new for 0.4) Select-range dialog (see screenshot) ported to it. Additionally all tool views are ported to the new AbstractToolWidget in Kasten which has support for default buttons which are activated on the press of the Return key, like you know from the dialogs. So if any widget in a tool view has focus (and doesn’t eat the Return key itself) one now longer needs to switch the focus to the button but can simply press Return (just seems that the Oxygen style does not give an extra style to default buttons?).

Also switched to use QFormLayout where possible. And found the great KIntNumInput, so any units are shown inside the input field (including bytes, as in number of bytes 😉 )

Polishing the tools for Okteta 0.4

Just the Find and Replace dialogs may stay popup dialogs for a while. For one I have no idea how to best place all the options into an inline-dialog (e.g. the solution in Kate does not follow my workflow) without getting a monster dialog. Even with the Go-to and the Select-range inline-dialogs the window size is sometimes changed, which is a no-no IMHO. And for another on this change I want to implement search-as-you type, which is still lacking a proper foundation for worker threads and locking of document objects. So, support for very large files has a chance to be done before that. 🙂


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