Okteta widgets now plugged into Qt Designer

As blogged about before, one of the things that will be new in the next release of KDE, 4.4, is the publishing of the Okteta Libraries, a set of classes to enable the display and editing of byte arrays of all kinds, using hexadecimal, decimal, octal, binary or several character encodings.

While I personally prefer to do the construction of dialogs and forms directly in code, others like the possibilities that come with the UI files and the ability to edit them in a drag-and-drop interface like Qt Designer offers. To please those among them who might be interested in the Okteta Libraries, trunk now features a Qt Designer plugin for the Okteta widgets. It should also improve discoverability of these widgets as well as enable people to play around with them to see if they fit their needs. Screenshot as proof for the next step in “Okteta everywhere” following:
Okteta plugin for Qt Designer

You can write Qt Designer plugins for your widgets, too, if you haven’t already. Just follow the new tutorial on TechBase (and please report any problems you might encounter).


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