Binspekt KPart for reuse in KDevelop

Some days ago I wrote a mini-tutorial how to use the Okteta KPart in Konqueror/KDevelop. With the mind turned to the Okteta KPart I after that have taken on a long waiting task and removed some code duplication by porting it to the Kasten classes, now that these are available in shared libs. Which means, with KDE 4.4 you should have the same readonly actions available with the Okteta KPart that you also have in the Okteta program (not all done yet). Even better, I have just written a first code line to turn it into a ReadWritePart, so that you could also do the editing and saving in KDevelop. More on this later hopefully.

After having done this first wrapping of Kasten classes in a KPart I did another one, to learn more about how a generic KPart Kasten module might be best designed, to get the Kasten plug&play experience I am aiming at. The other program I am writing using the Kasten framework is Binspekt, a viewer (and perhaps editor) for binary files, that is executables, libraries, object files etc. It was basically copy,paste&replace, so here see the small and dirty Binspekt KPart inside the (amazing and great BTW) KDevelop, fresh from the KDE repository:
Binspekt KPart in KDevelop

Binspekt is still prealpha (yet doesn’t crash, because it doesn’t do a lot) if you are interested. But it all has to start somewhere, no? 🙂


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