Kasten: WIP framework for composing programs

Since a few days kdeutils (from trunk) also installs some libraries, including public headers:

  • Okteta libraries
  • Kasten libraries

The Okteta libraries oktetacore and oktetagui provide some model and view classes for hex views of bytearrays. If you have some special data provider you could also subclass your own Okteta::AbstractByteArrayModel. So using the libs directly is now an option, if the KHexEdit interfaces from kdelibs don’t do it for you.

The Kasten libraries are far more interesting, at least to me. Kasten (former project title was Kakao), that is a project of mine where I try to develop a framework for composing programs from modules and interfaces by the model-view-controller pattern, with the pattern recursively applied to the view and the controller. Think KPart 2.0. So far the development was driven by the needs I had with Okteta (that program serving as the testing ground, now you know my motivation for Okteta. Byte arrays are just the most simple data structure.). The Kasten framework is still far from what I have in mind, but things at least are moving πŸ™‚ I try to express my ideas directly in code, so the ideas meet reality as soon as possible. Might be some more years before I am done, oh well.

Both libraries are still far from elaborated, especially Kasten, given that there has been only one usecase, that is the program Okteta. But you are invited to see if you already can make use of them. Just be prepared for changes. Which could also be done for your needs πŸ™‚

The reason I turned to install these libraries now is that I want to reuse them in another project, working title Binspekt: It is about viewing and editing of binary files, that is executables, libraries, object files etc. I always forget about the parameters of objdump, objcopy, nm & Co., so I thought a GUI variant might be nice, and here we go (of course using the very same bfd library from the GNU binutils).

Obligatory screenshot of the current state, which is pre-alpha:
First screenshot of Binspekt, version 0.1.0 pre-alpha

Find the code at playground/devtools/binspekt in the KDE repository, imported there a few hours ago.


5 thoughts on “Kasten: WIP framework for composing programs

  1. binspekt looks pretty nice so far. I’ll make a note to watch it progress (since I don’t plan on following KDE trunk for the time being)

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