Interested in maintaining KCalc?

One of the powers of FLOSS is that if an author/maintainer has no more time or no more interest in some program that program does not vanish with the author’s/maintainer’s change of focus. It’s development/maintenance is just put on hold. Until someone else takes the sources and gets things back into rolling.

And now let’s see how short the time of “put on hold” has to get for KCalc. David Johnson, who has been giving his care for it since more than a year, making it one of the good KDE4 programs, now had to write to the kde-utils-devel mailinglist:

Real life has been intruding into my KDE time. While I still plan to help out KDE, I doubt I will be able to adequately support kcalc. So I’m putting out a call for a maintainer.

This isn’t urgent, but if you or someone you know may be interested, please contact me.

Contact is done with an email to david at usermode org. I hope we soon can welcome someone new to the little team of developers in the module kdeutils, do not forget to join our mailing list and say “Hi!”.

If you like some inspiration: One interesting challenge might be to factor out the calculation engine and share it with the calculator plasmoid. And an option for a prompt history display would be great to have, too.

Currently it is even possible for you to do new features for 4.3 with the Soft Feature Freeze yet coming at Thursday, April 16th. So think about, if KCalc could become your program for some time 🙂


14 thoughts on “Interested in maintaining KCalc?

  1. Speedcrunch is a very different kind of calculator than KCalc. This is an area where one size does not fit all users.

  2. I’d love to see a KDEified speedcrunch calculater in KDE as well.

    With so much CPU power under your desk I can’t understand why a calculator inferface needs to have M+ and M- symbols, and lacks a “command line” to enter your expression as a whole (like speedcrunch and all graphical calculators have).

  3. Am I the only person who does not want to drop KCalc in favor of SpeedCrunch. I’ve always found SpeedCrunch too complex for every-day calculation.

  4. I say switch to speedcrunch as well. The calculator-style interface of kcalc is very clumsy and slow for anything but very simple calculations. speedcrunch is much more suitable, even for just adding a series of numbers together and to more complex things. speedcrunch even has a keypad you can turn on if you want. I imagine it would be very easy to give speedcrunch a kcalc style “novice” mode for people that really want that interface.

  5. Speedchrunch is already the default on Kubuntu I think.

    I don’t know what Michael Howell is talking about. Speedchrunch even has all the important buttons that KCalc has. Is seeing the history of your commands really so confusing?

  6. Hi, I’m new programing on C++ / QT, and I think that maintaining KCalc will be a very good training for me, since it’s not as complex as to cause me troubles (at least I think so). So, what should I do?

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