Infrared control coming back to KDE4

One entry in the list of planned features for the module kdeutils reads

Bring back kdelirc

So this is going to become another example of the “just-put-to-hold-not-vanished” nature with FLOSS:
kdelirc, a tool to operate your programs by an infrared controller, had been lost in the KDE3 to KDE4 conversion. But Michael Zanetti heard the call for maintainership and jumped onto the code to make it ready for KDE4, for now in the playground section of the repository.

And a few days ago he wrote to the kde-utils-devel mailinglist:

I think we (Frank and I) can bring back kdelirc for 4.3.

He then described the current state:

– It is fully ported to Qt4/KDE4. No Qt3Support.
– We have heavily refactored/rewritten major parts because the original code was in a really bad state in terms of readability and maintainability.
– It is basically the same program as before. There are some new extensions and remote controls.

It is not 100% finished yet, but we’re on a good way. All the functionality is restored. We still have to do the following tasks:
– Finishing rework of kcmlirc.cpp
– Fixing some bugs introduced during rewrite.
– creating svg icons
– some general cleanup (krazy checks etc)

About the documentation: We still have the original one. It is not perfect but at least not worse than at KDE3 times. Perhaps someone has the time to help out here…?

To get it into KDE 4.3, kdelirc needs to be complete enough to enter the review section until April 20th. So if you are looking to do your presentations or tune your music with a remote control already with KDE 4.3 again, now jump in to fix the remaining issues as listed, e.g. the one of krazy. Get in contact on the kde-utils-devel mailinglist.

Start with just giving it a try. For your convenience:
svn co svn://
mkdir build
cd build
make install

KDELirc is part of KDE 4.3. Sources found at,
the homepage at


12 thoughts on “Infrared control coming back to KDE4

  1. first thanks for your work on this piece of usefull software!!

    second: is current svn a #include missing in editaction.h?

    it did for me so i included it and it compiles now.

    and now off to some more testing!!!

  2. Thanks a lot! I personally hate lirc, and kdelirc makes controlling applications a lot less painful that having to fight with lirc about everything 🙂

  3. Oh that’s cool to know!! I recently switched my desktop to KDE4 and I’m currently in the process to setup at least a basic lirc based remote control support.

    If I might have a wish … it would be a more intuitive UI. The old one was pretty weird to understand, and buggy IIRC.

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