Okteta, making Change possible

I have a dream… I see chars and values not separated in columns. After all they are all bytes, all made up by bits. I have a vision… I mean, I have a view, a new view type, and it will be implemented by me, B. O.:
Okteta now also has a row-based view

If you want to share this view, now go to View|View mode and vote for it, select Rows for a Change! Yes, you can (now).

B. O. (Byteeditor Okteta)

PS: Do we see us on Saturday, the 8th November, in Dresden at the Linux-Info-Tag? I will be there:
Linux-Info-Tag Dresden 2008

PPS: And now, that I learned to simply set the check to Bluetooth, I have the built-in GPS working with Maemo Mapper on my N810, too. So, just in time, I am ready to join the mapping of the Zoo on Sunday, a part of the Linux-Info-Tag 🙂


One thought on “Okteta, making Change possible

  1. That view is quite a good idea, much easier to follow what data represents what. Thanks for that!

    As for potential improvements: How about trying showing the varying rows in slightly different colors and/or making the ASCII text double sized compared to the hex chars?

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