Riding home under the full moon

After two additional days in Bruxelles last night I went back to Dresden, after Frankfurt using the CityNightLine, a train with a lot of couchettes. As I wanted to keep the price at a minimum I had booked a simple seat and not a couch, which are out of experience too small for my needs anyway. To my pleasure I had a 6-person cabin all alone for me, so I could lay myself down across several seats. Still I was a little bit dissatisfied, because the modern seats could not be moved flat, to build a closed plane alltogether, like it was possible in the Goold Old Days. Then again the windows were like they used to be, so I could pull them open, held my head into the wind and look into the countryside enlightened by the full moon. At 5.50 h this morning I arrived in Dresden, the moon still up in the sky, yet the dawn almost complete. So after a somewhat romantic ride I was complete and safe at home, other than some unlucky fellows.

Bruxelles is a really interesting city. It’s somehow a mess, but with a lot of nice ingredients. Still I don’t think I would like to live there. I think I have to avoid getting into the European Commision and similar. But there seems to be a job position vacant: In front of the EU buildings there are some unprotected WLAN access points to be found. Perhaps these free WiFis are just a way to give the EU citizens something back for their taxes? Or they just do not consider people walking around with WLAN-enabled handhelds…

I was not too prepared for my stay, only had quickly browsed some About Bruxelles pages before Akademy. So on Saturday afternoon, after finding a hostel, I walked around randomly, still catching a lot of the must-sees. Like having a visit of the rooms in the King’s castle. The King and his family seem to be very old-fashioned: I could not find any modern media device, no TV, no computer, no hi-fi system. The King must be a lucky man, there is less to be annoyed by in his life 😉 Somewhere before me in the row in front of the king’s castle I had a last trace of Akademy: My eyes were suddenly catched by an Akademy bag, which made me recognize Pradeepto. Did you see any devices there? 🙂

I also tried to use that new handheld toy I as many others got at Akademy. Having not even booted it until Friday I finally wanted to see what it can do. At first I had it guide the car when Michael Leupold gave George Goldberg and me a lift to Bruxelles. Well, besides that the streets shown to be larger ones did not really feel like being main roads, it worked, we (and our GPS shadow cross) arrived finally at Gare du Midi.

Using the built-in map to do the sightseeing was not that successfull. It takes too long to get the coordinates by GPS, if at all (oh satellites, where are thou?), and the UI is not that usable. I often would have liked a split view, one with a high resolution for the current location to see street names and alike, and one with a low resolution to see where I am in terms of the city. A history of views would be nice to have, too. And zoom mode should be left after some timeout. I was trapped into zooming too often when I just wanted to drag. I am looking forward for Marble@Maemo with OSM data.

In general I was just tired. So tired on Sunday morning I had to force myself to continue the sightseeing. When I arrived at the Atomium I finally could not walk any longer, so layed back on the large ring of stone around the building and took a nap for an hour or so, enjoying the sun warming me and the sounds around me. The other option to achieve more vivacity, to hang on some rope and jump/glide from the top of the building, was discarded due to the costs of 20 EUR per 10 seconds and my respect for height. After that I continued my tour and managed to in the end check off almost all typical tourist sights, so I consider Bruxelles done now 🙂

Still my lesson learned: Do Sightseeing before Akademy. You will enjoy it more.


2 thoughts on “Riding home under the full moon

  1. “so I consider Bruxelles done now”

    Well, you could spend your whole life there, and still discover things to do. Bruxelles is not a city to “do”… it’s a city to live with…

    I just hope you like it.

    Regards from Bruxelles.

    PS: it’s the first time I see a non French speaker spelling it Bruxelles. Most of them spell it Brussels, the English way (or Brussel for the flemish people who think that it’s part of Flanders, which is not…)

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