Spring-cleaning of KDE Utils is done

Since the release of KDE 4.0.0 there have been quite some changes in the module kdeutils up to now:

Moved in:

  • okteta
  • printer-applet


  • ark
  • kcalc
  • kcharselect
  • kdessh
  • kdf
  • kfloppy
  • kgpg
  • ktimer
  • kwallet
  • superkaramba
  • sweeper

Moved to kdepim:

  • kjots

Moved to playground:

  • kdelirc

Moved to unmaintained:

  • klaptopdaemon (successor is worked on in playground)
  • kmilo
  • ksim
  • charselectapplet (plasmoid already exists)
  • khexedit (directory already contained only Okteta libs)

So if you miss one or the other program, now you know where to look.

The call for new maintainers was quite successfull. The only program left in kdeutils without an interested person is kdessh:

  • Michael Zanetti now cares for kdelirc in playground, looking how to add a solid base.
  • Sascha Peilicke, Troy Campbell et Bart Slootweg are having some thoughts about the future of KWallet, while Michael Leupold is already busy fixing the current codebase.
  • Ben McDonald is looking to get a take on KRegExpEditor.
  • Pino Toscano took over maintainership for Sweeper.
  • Constantin Berzan is going for KCharSelect.
  • Alex L. Spehr sees what she can do to KTimer.

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2 thoughts on “Spring-cleaning of KDE Utils is done

  1. Pardon, Alex, so much for the prejudice about the nature of FLOSS contributors. Your unisex name didn’t help me here, blame your parents ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fixed now.

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