Okteta on its way to kdeutils + WhatsThis

The longest journey starts with the first step. Or: The biggest program starts with the first line. (Just: These terms do not contain any mentioning of the category time. I definitely need other proverbs which complement these to help me with life.)

Now, that a lot of lines have been collected in the subdirectories of the Okteta project, a new milestone is approached: The stand-alone program Okteta is heading for inclusion in kdeutils. Since Monday its code resides in kdereview, awaiting your objections or change requests.

Christian Ehrlicher already did what looks like almost every KDE4 module is having to cope with: He adopted 5 lines (in words: five, really only) and now it compiles also under another platform, delivered from Redmond. Impressive. CMake, Qt and KDE, your friends for almost-instant-multiplatforming, obviously.

Instead of an image (for a screenshot just go and build the code yourself) this time some words (just not thousands) for those, like Thomas Z., who are still curious what Okteta is at all:

Okteta is a successor to KHexEdit for KDE 4.x. It is a simple editor for the raw data of files. This type of program is also called hex editor or binary editor.

The data is displayed in the traditional view with two columns: one with the numeric values and one with the assigned characters. Editing can be done both in the value column and the character column. Besides the usual editing capabilities Okteta also brings a small set of tools, like a table listing decodings into common simple data types, a table listing all possible bytes with its’ character and value equivalents, a info view with a statistic and a filter tool. All modifications to the data loaded can be endlessly undone or redone.

Due to its very modular design it should become soon extensible for plugins.

So yet another hexeditor. Besides, this one can use sexy Oxygen. 🙂


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