“Releasemode: On” for Okteta

Release often and early. But not too early, first impression stays. Besides the fact, that holding your code in a public repository is like releasing all the time, I feel now is the time where the mentioned two rules are getting well balanced for Okteta.

So I have set myself in release mode, removing and hiding all undone things, even if they look interesting and like some fun, and setting up a list of those things which need at least to be done for a good first release. There a quite a few, especially after looking at the requirements to move to kdereview. And that is target No. 2. Two targets, that might be one too much. But a release is simply a subtarget of moving to kdereview, so there shouldn’t be any conflicts, I think.

One thing to be done is making the licensing of Okteta complying to KDE’s licensing policy. Okteta was a GPL v2-only project until now. Trying to grasp the idea of GPL v3 I think I am comfortable with that license, too. So I am relicensing all code also to the version 3. But which one to use for KAboutData, it supports only the mentioning of one license? Oh well, there is the source code, here is my editor, this is the free hour.,. so a patch for support of multiple licenses is pending for review in the mailinglist kde-core-devel, please have a look.

But there is another problem with the “About…” dialog. It only mentions the top level program. What about all the libraries and frameworks used by it, which only make the program possible? In the case of Okteta, the code of the program itself are just a few lines, that wire things together. Instead all real functionality is delivered by libkakao, libokteta*, libkde*, libqt*, …, down to libc. Where do all those software modules and their creators get the credit?

Anyway, for now at least the new program-centric multiple-licenses-capable About-dialog for Okteta, like it is possible with the mentioned patch:
Okteta gets licensed two ways.
(Copyright since 2006? Yes, the first code fragments date back to that year. It was just this winter where I pushed things a little)


One thought on ““Releasemode: On” for Okteta

  1. Congrats on your moving forward; you forgot just one thing (which has bothered me a couple of times in your blogs) what is this Okteta thing ?! 🙂

    Would be nice if you can give a longer-then-3-words explanation of the application and what it will do for me.

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