Adding tools to Okteta…

It is still a long way to go before Okteta will be even in Beta status. Always just 10 % missing šŸ˜‰
But things are really progressing. Recently I have focussed on tools, reimplementing some of those in KHexEdit in first rough versions, to have something to play with. Yet I did not find a satisfying pattern to copy over to the Kakao framework. Will see. Thus also no infrastructure for tool plugins yet.

Okteta should be ready for KDE 4.1 in a first usable state equally to good old KHexEdit. It will, once I did the Undo-Redo-Framework. Just need the time to do a working approach with a piecetable system.

A new screenshot shows some changes to the UI finally, as most of the tool views are docked (might be all some time):
Okteta tools comingĀ inā€¦


2 thoughts on “Adding tools to Okteta…

  1. Why the name change from khexedit? It’s easy to understand what a hex editor is, but I have no idea what a okteta is.

  2. @John: No name change. Okteta has a completely different codebase, written from scratch, is a different project by a different author. So there ought to be another name. And I didn’t like KHexEdit2. If an identifier (=name) has to be also kind of describing, well, that is a discussion of it’s own.

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