Wanted: older packages of kdepim-3.5.7 for openSUSE 10.2

They say “Never touch a running system.”. Emphasize on “never”, obviously.
I am loosing quite some hours because I “just” wanted to update the KDE packages on the openSUSE system to the latest package version. To find out that the refreshed KMail ignores my command to fetch from the POP3 servers. Ignores my pledge, too. My anger, even. In offline or online mode it shows a new status symbol with the tooltip “The desktop is offline”. Which is wrong. SMTP works even.

Decided to undo the upgrade. Which is not possible. The older package is gone already, no longer available at the openSUSE servers, there is just the new version 3.5.7.enterprise.0.20070731.694771. I could go back to the 3.5.5 version, which came with the Golden master version of 10.2. I don’t think I want to try that, there isn’t a downgrade script for the settings AFAIK.

Now, does anyone know what to do? Has somebody perhaps a copy of an older package of kdepim-3.5.7 for openSUSE 10.2 she could sent me (the link of)? Is there perhaps a way to make the openSUSE buildservice to give me my personal variant of a package on request?

I might not be alone. I would like to enter the bug with the openSUSE bugzilla, but I got moved to a Novell system, not where I thought to end given this is a project on it’s own?


4 thoughts on “Wanted: older packages of kdepim-3.5.7 for openSUSE 10.2

  1. I had a similar problem using Kubuntu, and the problem was that knetworkmanager claimed that the machine was offline, when in fact it was online. The “hacky” solution was to quit knetworkmanager, the long time solution was of course getting knetworkmanager understand that the machine was online …

  2. Today I start using kmail, I’m very happy using it. Kmail download all my mails from gmail whitout problems. I have opensuse 10.2 with kmail from kdepim3 3.5.7.enterprise.0.20070731.694771.

    I configurated sucessfully two accounts, there have 1.000 mails approximately.

  3. Christ, Friedrich. “Your anger”? Those are unsupported packages on the buildservice, and you managed to wait 27 minutes after mailing me at work in the night before going into blogmoan mode.

    We (Bruno and I and many others in #kontact) are working on fixing a bunch of nasty bugs in enterprise branch, and updated packages will be out shortly. Until then, take kdepim 3.5.5. –force it if necessary, it will work. As a PIM developer you should know that there haven’t been any deep changes to config files since then.

  4. @Bille: Blogmoaning, yes, that is what I did. Things one might do when he is tired, frustrated and in need to access some important emails 😉 The anger was more directed to myself, for ignoring the rules.

    This was not meant as bashing, I really like the facilities of openSUSE. I just wanted to share my learnings and ask for help. Now and then new bugs are a normal things, no shame. Regarding the downgrade I am not so much a PIM developer that I know about KMail internals, sorry (and couldn’t follow development recently that much).

    I will be a good guy today, use the right channels and enter the bugs into bugs.kde.org if these are bugs from the code in KDEs repository as you hint. Going to #kontact might have been a good idea yesterday, indeed.

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