Look mummy, my first plasmoid!

Oh those little mistypes. Searched three hours for a bug due to adding one “=” too many when calling the subclass function in a operator=() function. There cannot be enough unit tests, obviously. But those need to be tested, too. Sigh. Or I need better languages.

Khalkhi for KDE 4 is still pretty a lot like vapourware, but some code is already working again, after I redesigned things a little again as I missed 4.0 anyway.

To motivate myself I hacked things through the vertical layers and did one more use case, a little plasmoid showing individual Khalkhi entities. Now, those three hours later hunting this *** one letter bug, it finally works by at least showing the picture of the entity. Adding the Khalkhi services and all the other goodies as known from the Khalkhi applet for Kicker of KDE 3 is left for the next time reserved for hacking, even if it is simple code (the purpose of the Khalkhi framework). I definitely need to go to bed now, as some 4 hours later I am scheduled to get up again, silly me… At least it is only travelling waiting for me, but still.

First steps with Khalkhi plasmoids


4 thoughts on “Look mummy, my first plasmoid!

  1. you know, that Khalkhi stuff is pretty cool 😉

    Now ensure that if I drop a file on a face, it gets transferred to that person, ok? 😀

  2. @jospoortvliet: What happens on a drop depends only on the installed service plugins, so go and write the transfer plugin yourself. 🙂 Well, you might not need to, as the default plugins include prototypes for emailing and sending per chat system.

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