E(xiting) environments

KDE developers seem currently all focused on getting KDE 4 into shape. So far it looks very promising, now that also Plasma is changing it’s state from vapour to, uhm, even plasma 😛 It’s really time for me to return to KDE 4 development, given my ambitious plans with Khalkhi for it. Attending the Decibel hackathon in two weeks might help me 🙂

The rest of the FLOSS desktop planets show activities, too. The GNOME, XFCE, and ROX planets are blooming and enhancing.

But since my first steps with Linux there are, besides KDE, two other projects I once in a while have a look at: Enlightenment and GNUstep. While the 0.17 version of enlightenment is really taking it’s time, the seldom reports on the state and the activities make one wanting to have it here and now. Just saw the video of Carsten Haitzler’s talk at linux.conf.au from two month ago. Forward to the end, and look at the demo. Cool, or?

GNUStep seems to develop even more slowly, but still. This is sad IMHO, as OpenStep/NextStep really had some great ideas and architectures. More than ten years ago. Things have not really enhanced since then on the desktop IMHO. At least, there is now a new and fresh plant on the GNUStep planet: Étoilé. At FOSDEM 2007 they released a first(?) Live CD, I did not test, only looked at the screenshots. But I wish them much success. Especially after browsing their very interesting wiki with all their plans and ideas. Lots to think about.


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