Been to the CLT 2007

Was on Sunday at the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, the second biggest german FLOSS event. While I went there as visitor, I obligatory also got drawn into helping for half an hour at the KDE booth 🙂 My car lift from Dresden to Chemnitz and back already consisted of two of the KDE booth people, Bernhard Schiffner and Konrad Rosenbaum. The other ones I meet over the day, like when sitting in a talk and after some time having a closer look to the person right next to me, recognizing Kevin Kramer. Well, Kevin as the author of kabcclient (the console interface to KABC) and me with the Khalkhi dreams for KDE 4 just had to meet there, as the talk’s topic was an overview about groupware systems.

Then there was our cmake hero Alexander Neundorf, now concentrating on promoting another software he uses at work, that is the open source, royalty-free, real-time operating system intended for embedded applications named eCos. I see now the big plan behind his activities, which is obviously making sure there is a big community behind the software he needs, so it’s development is ensured. Great move 😉

Daniel Molkentin, looking busy as always, was just a few minutes in my sight, before he went to give his workshop about development with Qt 4. It was enough for him to tell me that the next edition of the german journal Linux-User might have my name in it, because of a short note of the Khalkhi applet. Hu! 🙂

My day ended with an interesting talk about the CRM system vtiger, some time ago forked from SugarCRM. It was both interesting in form of presentation (which scratched the surface of being comical given the event’s style) and in content, as vtiger really looked impressive (to me as an unexperienced person) and to be a quite enhanced CRM system. Could not check if it’s sources’ licences all really match the OpenSource criteria, but it seems so. Definitely something to check out, when looking for an CRM System. Or for supporting any other organisation, that has kind of customers. Still, it has a big flaw: There are no connectors for KDE-PIM! Any takers? 🙂


One thought on “Been to the CLT 2007

  1. As far as I know, SugarCRM has a license that requires explicit and prominently placed attribution inside the GUI. If I remember correctly, the license is not GPL-compatible, or even OSI approved. (A fork of SugarCRM would normally be expected to have the same license as the original project.)

    Admittedly, I’m enough of a non-lawyer to not know how this relates to KDE-PIM connectors.

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