Khalkhification of KAddressbook

As reported here recently, Khalkhi (say [χalχi]), a framework around persons and services on them, moved in the experimental kdepim branch for KDE 3.5. The obvious first target to make use of it is KAddressbook, and thus it has already been patched in the branch a little.

While the priority is on substituting things without loosing old features, some new ones, besides those gained by the plugins for the framework, are getting in, too. Like seeing the states of a person by emblems in the icon view (screenshot using some random KDE characters 🙂 ):
Now status emblems in KAddressbook icon view

Thanks to Khalkhi delivering such an icon for this only a few lines needed to be added. The Kicker applet (old stable version here) uses the same, cmp. e.g.
Cake for Konqui?

Another candidate for making use of this is the face display in KMail’s email view (the one in the header to the right). But before I am going to contact the KMail authors about this I need to make sure that Khalkhi will be able to get into the 3.5.7 release at all. These are the things most needed:

  • get a KDE4 version into trunk – there is some code in the works, it is even more enhanced than the KDE3 version, but right now stuck in a design problem that needs some thinking
  • add configuration of service plugins – some services need to be configurable, see e.g. the configuration of phone call, fax sending and map lookup in KAddressbook. This is the last hurdle to make KAddressbook free of hardcoded services.

Lots to do 🙂


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