Dumped Contacts framework as 0.1.1

Just declared the current code of the framework for contacts and their properties in KDE’s repository to be of version 0.1.01* and dropped a tarball at kde-look.org to use with KDE 3.5.

* You only release to find bugs…

The TODO list may be still quite long, but the framework and the two applications, a kicker applet and a contact card server, are already pretty usable in their current form. I should know because they are part of my daily workflows. 🙂 No bugs known, no crashes for me. And with the configuration editor for contact list buttons of the applet I added today the last hurdle for a use by Joe User was removed:
How should the list with all contacts of the category KDE be displayed?

Should prepare a move out of playground. No idea if the target should be extragear or perhaps kde-pim for a possible 3.5.7 release. If I went for kde-pim the code could be even merged into KAddressbook. That would be cool. But will there be a 3.5.7 release? And when?

For now I will try to make a good official release directly out of playground. Have to read up how to do so, and then ask the translators to help me by localizing the strings 🙂 So 0.1.2 should end on quite some more desktops.

Once that is done, Okteta will get my attention again. But for now I need to push that contacts framework into the world, to get some feedback. After all I would like to get a successor (named Organs) into KDE 4, and that should kick even more asses 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dumped Contacts framework as 0.1.1

  1. What exactly does this code do:
    There is a framework which enhances the treatment of KABC::Addressee, in that not-built-in property types get a better treatment. E.g. if you add a field “Flicker” for all contacts you can install a “Flicker” property adapter, which cares for displaying the field correctly. Then the framework also cares for services on these properties. There are three types, action, data action, and status. Like “Send email to address”, “Send file to address”, or “Is online”. Properties and services are added by plugins. The tarball above includes two applications of the framework, that is a Kicker applet and a contactcard server.
    How does it relate to akonadi:
    The KDE4 port of the property thing hopefully gets integrated with the contacts part of akonadi, but that has not been worked on.
    Does it use it:
    No, not now, the code mentioned above works with KDE 3.5. A port to KDE4 has started, but current enhancements are done using KDE 3.5.

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