Exclusive first picture of Okteta!

Those who looked into kdeutils/khexedit the last two years might have wondered:
Why does it include a byte editor library, but does not use it for the program KHexEdit itself? Read for an answer.

I spend some hours again with Okteta. And got it into a state where I can show at least pictures to the world. Well, looks similar to the old program KHexEdit. But the picture does not show what is interesting:
The core of the program does not have a clue about byte editor and byte array model. It just deals with document, views and so-called toolets. Toolets are the central part of this project. They operate on certain interfaces and plug their actions and monitor/control views into the window framework. E.g. a zoom toolet would automatically support all views with the zoom interface. But more on this at another time.

Prealpha run of Okteta

4 thoughts on “Exclusive first picture of Okteta!

  1. Wow, that looks promising. Please please post more about what you want to do with this project. Could I develop something like a “graphics viewer” toolset plugin, which would interpret the binary data as a raw image in a given pixel format? This is something I already started for Win32 once but I never finished it because I wanted to wait for kde4/win to take advantage of kdelibs. If it could be implemented within Okteta, that would be cool 🙂

  2. @Michaël: Thanks 🙂

    @Michael: These sorts of interpreter toolet plugins are possible, yes. As all toolets should be dynamically loadable, they can be also developed independently (for those interfaces which are stable and published). I plan to upload the code to playground until early december, so stay tuned. 😛

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