PHP for local applications, C++ for web ones…

Yesterday was a perfect day to go for some hiking or doing a bike tour, as the sun was shining in a pretty cloudless sky the whole day, other than the rainy, grey days before. And many people did, instead of visiting us at the Linux-Info-Tag Dresden.

Still at the KDE booth Alexander Neundorf and me were busy all the time, answering rather educated questions (no “I have a problem with my Linux 10 and the modem”, puh). Most asked though: When will KDE 4 be there…

We were helped by Bernhard Schiffner, a local KDE API user, who also showed how to do real time and really synchronized sound generation and mixing using jack and ALSA. Hey, so it can work…

Tobias König and Josef Spillner, your favourite developers from Dresden, instead were pretty occupied by running the whole event, so they never had a chance to show up at the booth. But that did Thomas Mönicke, who is developing… yes, PHP bindings for Qt/KDE. Well, why not. At the same time others like Tommi Maekitalo present Tntnet, a web application server for C++. Things are mixing.


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