Fake addressbook

So far my amount of code/day @ aKademy is pretty lame. Too many interesting talks and BoFs and ideas, no way to concentrate. A lot of knowledgeable people to listen to. The cold I got did not improve my mental situation.

But finally I managed to stay with the keyboard and got in hacking mode again. Started my first steps with the model/view variant of Qt4 and did my first own model, cool me 😉

Of course one around a list of persons/contacts:
First screenie of an organs manager

The nice thing is that the view on the right is the one reused from that organs framework, so I got the display and all the services for free. Just some
CardView = new OrganCardView( Splitter );
CardView->setOrgan( Model->organ(ProxyModel->mapToSource( Index )) );
and I was done.

Now back at thinking about the addressbook API of Akonadi…


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