Get in contact with KDE 4, now…

KDE 4 is bringing a lot of new or improved frameworks with it, on all levels. CMake, Qt4, Phonon, Solid, all the other one in kdelibs and kdepimlibs… Although the first developer snapshot was already released a few days ago, some new frameworks have yet to settle out of the vapour. 🙂

Just make use of this fact. Everyone has a chance to adapt her code to all the new things in smaller steps instead of one giant one. I do so these days by porting the vapour framework of mine, previously called contacts framework. I took some hours this weekend to continue, spread the old code over all places that looked suiting, did some porting efforts and finally reached this far:
Former contactcards are already working a little.

Oh, what luck there is in seeing your baby live and grow. Even if it mostly cries currently. But this should improve 🙂

This code is only on my harddisk for now. I hope I will soon be able to expand the framework down the stack to meet the successor of KABC and Akonadi, so it makes sense to import it into kdepimlibs. Will discuss this at least at Akademy, if not earlier.


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