Met to hack… and met the heck.

Yesterday tokoe and Josef Spillner came over to my place to do some collective KDE hacking for a day. There is nothing better to have now and then some knowledgeable people right next to you to pose your questions to. 🙂

I personally missed close to all my targets for that day, though. I stumbled across a strange error in the build system, which causes the omit of the creation of moc files in some modules like kdepimlibs. Not good, isn’t it? I spend half of the day trying to find the reason, but without success. The bug is now waiting on the kde-buildsystem mailing list for someone with more cmake insight to take care of it. Interested to find out why an AND conjunction of two expressions with result TRUE sometimes results in FALSE? Please go right there and test your skills!
Update: After some more research I now found the bug, the problem is solved. CMakeLists.txt contained lines like macro_bool_to_01(LDAP_FOUND HAVE_LDAP 1), but 1 makes no sense there and seems to make cmake go crazy. Changing it to macro_bool_to_01(LDAP_FOUND HAVE_LDAP) gives a working build again, finally 🙂

So no work for support for the GGZ Gaming Zone into the contacts framework. No work on extending the framework for services operating on groups. And no initial/experimental work for contacts in Akonadi. Instead I started to simply port the contacts framework to KDE4, so the service framework is at least ready for integration with others.

At least tokoe and Josef had more success with their plans and did some development on Akonadi and Kung. 🙂

When in the evening Josef started to investigate where the city council of Dresden is spending our money (a 3D model of Dresden) and watched the sample video it was obvious that finally our hacking power was spent for the day. 🙂

As a last task Josef teached us about all the possibilities how to adjust your personal KDE commit messages filter.

Tokoe proposed to do such meetings monthly or so, at changing places, an idea which was welcomed by Josef and me. So if you live in Dresden (or around, like Jena and Berlin 😉 ) contact us for setting up further hacking meetings! Next one might be in the middle of september, to prepare for Akademy.


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