Web Services…

Doing something like a service oriented architecture one cannot ignore the current phenomenon called Web Services. Old ideas refreshed with even bigger protocol overhead, some say.

Webservices are of interest for the contact framework, too. Want the next connection via public transport to a friend? Locate a place in Google Maps or get a route from yours to it? Just get the webservice description in the Web Services Description Language and do your client code.

You surely do not want to mess around with this manually. Thanks to Cornelius Schumacher, Tobias KΓΆnig, Josef Spillner and others KDE4 will hopefully come with some tools for you. πŸ™‚

Until then one could also (ab-)use parameterized urls or fill forms by script. Like for a very useful (or not? πŸ˜‰ ) service to query Wikipedia for info about a date/day, as below. Seems Matthias Ettrich’s initial post to create a Kool Desktop Environment does not make up too much for an entry in history yet.

What happened else that day?

For those websites where one cannot put the data in the url (forms with Post, not Get) I have a problem right now. Via DCOP I did not manage to have Konqueror open an url, then executing a script to fill the form and to post it (using evalJS). I simply do not know when the page is loaded, so the script can be executed, as there seems to be no proper signal emitted. What a pity, this one would have been really handy for the connection web formular of the local public transport, which I tend to use quite often if biking is no option (a car is comparatively of low use within Dresden).
And embedding in an own frame to do cross-scripting onLoad does not work, too (thank you phishers, bah). Copying the whole form into an own page feels like loosing, too much work on the client side (or for the fun of it currently πŸ˜‰ ).

Seems I have to wait for KDE 4 bringing Kung & Co. Well, I hope a prototype service connector works in time for the rainy and cold season or I have to stay at home πŸ™‚


One thought on “Web Services…

  1. Maybe resorting to more simple tools like the perlish POST command would help. Should be on every sane unix system.

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