New contacts service watching folders in KMail

Currently I am thinking about how notifications for the user could be done within the contacts framework. What kind of messages there are, what they need, etc. Symbols for contacts/people have a lot in common with symbols for other things, like windows, files, devices, tools, etc. In the end there may even be a ui framework which treats all the same at this layer.

To gather some experience/ideas I created a new status service which should get a lot to notify me about. This service watches KMail folders for new emails and notifies about changes. It does so by using a mapping of email addresses to KMail folders. For this an extra entry in KAddressbook is created, which has a syntax like



Ingo Klöcker and Allen Winter on mailinglist kde-pim helped me to get the DCOP interaction with KMail going. I thanked them with triggering a bug. 😉 Starts me to wonder how many out there are including unit tests on signals? I didn’t too often before, too.

While I was at it, I added an action service to open the assigned folder of an email address, so unread emails are only one/two clicks away. See it’s menu entry and all of the above in the screenshot below:

How to add support for the service watching KMail folder

Looking at Konqui’s kicker button, it’s obviously really time a solution is found which is capable to deal with too many states to show. Just add the Has-birthday state, the chat state, and some more, and the head will not be visible anymore. Ouch.


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