Cleanup your tests, too

Heard a talk about Test-driven development the other week. To get acknowlegded what I have read here and there. But learnt something new: Once the code is stable, one should cleanup the tests, too. And document them like the real code.

Seems useful.

But now I wait for someone who demands that the tests should be also tested. And then those tests. And those. And …, hm, there is something in it. Perhaps tests can be woven such that they give each other the test feedback?


2 thoughts on “Cleanup your tests, too

  1. Cleanup is always nice, naturally. But I do think that having tests in and of itself is already a major step forward. In fact; unit tests document the API quite nicely already (often better than real docs.) So documentation is not really needed anymore if you have a good testsuite. All other extra steps are just nice to haves (when you get bored)

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