Hello Planet KDE!

So I have become a kdestrial, too. Thanks Chris for planetizing me. ๐Ÿ™‚

DokVok IconI have been in the outer spheres of KDE since 1999. That year I did my first GUI app ever, and having had been already fascinated by that free software system called Linux, I did so using KDE/Qt. Following a personal tradition with regard to new software technologies, here event-driven programs, I coded another incarnation of a vocabulary trainer, called DokVok. Sadly it did not survive the transition to KDE2.

In 2000 I joined the mailing list kde-look where a lot of interesting ideas and concepts were discussed. Like intensive usage of metadata for files, realtime collaboration on documents, etc. After some years the discussions pattered out, because the ideas started to repeat. They did, because the discussions usually did not yield any code. The coders did not follow our great advises, oh dear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lesson learned: Scratch your itch yourself (Hm, is this also taught at the University of KDE?)

So I meanwhile tried to get myself into the position to scratch some of my itches:
I have been experimenting with the simplest of all editors, one for bytestreams, which in 2003 gave me an account for the KDE repository and the world the long-awaited (or not? Tss…) binary edit widget plugin (see also my recent blog entry). And as one of the foundation for collaboration is the concept of users/contacts/entities, I recently started to experiment in that field, too. Hopefully I can bring some of the results into all the activities which are already on their ways by my fellow KDE coders.

Summary: I will use the KDE part of this blog do give some of my views on ideas and wishes around a better virtual desktop and how it could be done perhaps by KDE. I will also report the results of my experiments and hope to get some nice discussions. So if you are interested, stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚


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